The fourteenth Major Arcana card in tarot is called temperance. It shows a winged figure, perhaps an angel, wearing a white robe, pouring water from one chalice to another. There is a triangle on the robe. One of the angel’s feet is standing in the water. On the horizon we can see some mountains and a light above them. The numerical value for Temperance is twelve. It is ruled by Sagittarius.

This card stands for combination, cooperation and coordination. It is also claimed to mean diplomacy, innovation and successful negotiations. Temperance is about good management and maturity in dealing with different matters, when balanced, calm temperament and ability to adapt to changing circumstances are great help, as well as good outlook.Marseilles TemperanceMinchiate Temperance

This tarot card is associated with compromise and looking for the golden mean. Temperance offsets extreme and tries to avoid excess. He is able to mitigate harsh situations and finds himself in the role of a moderator. In difficult cases he always manages to find compromise.

Another important feature of Temperance is balance. As a good manager he has to know how to foster cooperation and achieve equilibrium in it. His task is to maintain harmony, bring together opposities and recognize all sides in the matter of argument in order to find a solution.

According to some tarot cards interpretations, Temperance has to find new attitudes to fill in the empty spaces after Death. This is the continuation of the transformation process. It will bring harmony into your life and temper the new substance in your heart.

The fourteenth tarot card is also associated with health. In this aspect transformation relates to renewing physical energy and vigor and healing not only your soul, but also your body. Temperance enjoys well-being and flourishes after recovering from some kind of disease.

When it comes to coordination and combining forces, it is important to be able to join with others and consolidate. Temperance can properly select the team and make it work together. It is about creating synthesis. He has all the qualities to manage this team and use its potential as much as possible.

The appearance of Temperance in tarot cards reading might mean the need for balance in a relationship. When you are in conflict with someone, resolving it requires compromise and cooperation. Try to think about the other person’s feelings and emotions. Try to understand them and remember that in most cases both of you are to blame. Besides, every relationship has to get through dark days, as well as the bright ones. This is necessary to maintain balance between two people. As long as you both understand it, you will be able to bring harmony back.Rider Waite TemperanceRider Waite BW Temperance

In some cases Temperance is a sign that you are in conflict with yourself. This might lead to conflicts with other people, but remeber that you have to make things right inside you in the first place. Some claim that the inner imbalance may be caused either by pessimistic lifestyle or the excessively optimistic one. All in all, balance is necessary and essential. The Temperance card will help you to deal with these problems and make you stronger.

The reversed Temperance in tarot cards reading stands for imbalance and volatility. It might mean poor judgement, which leads to fickle decisions and conflicting interests, and disagreements, that may be a cause of physical stress. If you can’t understand that cooperation and harmony are essential, and winning all the time is not always possible, you overestimate your potential and try to combine too many elements in too little time. You become restless and often fail because you can’t realise the role of good management and diplomacy. Neither lack of team, nor the wrong selection is good for you. It can result in competing interests and disunion. Remember that you should avoid any extreme, even if it seems beneficial. Only balance can give you security and control. You have to be able to recognize the best possible combinations in order to create synthesis that will help you to deal with your problems.

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